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The risks that your organization faces are constantly changing. With every passing day, new risks emerge with the potential to inflict damage. At the same time, what was previously identified as a risk may no longer remain a threat. Managing risks is therefore more critical than ever before to succeed in today's highly competitive environment.

With a number of years of experience in IT Risk Consulting, ERM can provide you with top quality Risk Management services. We can help identify potential risks, evaluate them and provide recommendations to mitigate the identified risks. The tools, techniques and methodologies that we use are time tested and combine together to provide the perfect solution to all your risk management needs.

Listed below are the different categories of Risk Management services that we offer:


Risk Assesment

An Information Security Risk Assessment is absolutely crucial to the risk management function of any organization. Through our risk assessment methodology, ERM can help identify and evaluate the risks that you face. The process includes:

  1. Identification of Information Assets that need to be reviewed.
  2. Identification of all threats, risks, concerns and issues related to the information assets.
  3. Determination of the level to which the asset is vulnerable to security threats and prioritization of risks.
  4. Recommendation of required controls and safeguards to mitigate identified risks.

The scope of the risk assessment will be tailored to meet your needs. Whether it is your entire IT infrastructure or a specific system such as your E-Banking system, Enterprise Risk Management can help assess the risks that you face to enable you to make informed decisions related to the security of your information and information systems.

IT Risk Advisory

While technology serves as the single most important driving factor for almost all businesses, it brings along with it a number of vulnerabilities and associated risks. This being said, identifying the vulnerabilities and associated risks is only the beginning. Any risk that is identified needs to be analyzed to identify future course of action. Do you accept the risk and live with it or do you take try and mitigate them? Questions such as these need to be answered keeping in mind the overall strategy and direction of the company.

Enterprise Risk Management can help organizations in making critical decisions related to IT security planning, strategy and implementation. Through its IT Advisory Services, we can also help in the implementation of corrective, detective and preventive measures wherever necessary. This service helps organizations manage risks when the expertise required is not available in house or needs to be supplemented by the knowledge of seasoned IT Risk Management Professionals. Our advisory services are geared towards helping enhance existing risk mitigation controls or adding new ones, thereby reducing the level of risk faced by the organization.

Balancing risks with rewards is a challenging task. Enterprise Risk Management has the necessary expertise supported by the right tools and techniques to provide you with comprehensive IT Advisory services.

Fraud Detection

In the recent past, there have been some highly publicized incidents of fraud involving major organizations such as Enron and WorldCom. Studies indicate that the occurrence of fraud has increased over the last few years. There is a need to not only detect the occurrence of fraud, but to also prevent it from happening in the first place.

The key to a fraud-free environment is an effective Anti-Fraud Program. Enterprise Risk Management can help perform a Fraud Risk Assessment that is commensurate to the size and complexity of your organization. The Fraud Risk Assessment will cover your organization's vulnerability to fraudulent activity. Once the Fraud Risk Assessment is complete, a comprehensive Anti-Fraud Program may be developed by taking into consideration all the various possibilities of fraud.




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